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Blow Job

Recipe: Blow Job – 1/4 oz irish cream (bailey’s) – 1/2 oz amaretto Use a “In glass” for Blow Job drink recipe Pour liqueurs into a shot glass and top with whipped cream. Have an individual place their hands behind their back, then, pick-up the filled shot glass with their mouth, tilt head back, and drink. Serve in “Shot Glass” Garnish: No  ...

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Adios Motherfucker

Recipe: Adios Motherfucker – 1/2 oz rum – 1/2 oz tequila – 1/2 oz gin – 1/2 oz vodka – 1/2 oz blue curacao liqueur – 2 oz sweet and sour mix – 2 oz soda (7-up, sprite) Use a “In glass” for Adios Motherfucker drink recipe Pour all ingredients except the 7-Up into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Top with 7-Up and stir gently. Serve in “Highball Glass” Garnish:...

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Maple Old Fashioned

This is a vintage cocktail that dates back to the 1800’s. For those who don’t like whiskey over ice, this takes the profound flavor down a notch, without losing the integrity of the whiskey. As the ice melts the flavors combine and simmer down the heat a little bit. Recipe: Maple Old Fashioned 2 ounces rye whiskey or bourbon 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup Dash of Angostura bitters Orange peel (for garnish) Method Mix whiskey, maple syrup, bitters, and 1 tsp. water in an old-fashioned glass until syrup is dissolved. Add a single large ice cube, then garnish with...

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Leprachaun’s Coffee

Recipe: Leprachaun’s Coffee – 1 1/2 oz irish cream (bailey’s) – 3/4 oz whisky (whiskey,bourbon…) – 5 oz cold black coffee Method Use a “Shaker” for Leprechaun’s Coffee drink recipe Shake, strain into a highball glass three-quarters filled with broken ice, and serve Serve in “Highball Glass” Garnish:...

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Watermelon Smash

the Watermelon Smash is one tasty cocktail for the warm summer days. The watermelon smash is delicious and pretty easy to make. This cocktail is great to serve at parties, and because of the pretty sweet taste everybody will love it! To make the watermelon smash cocktail even more exciting use vodka of a good brand. the cheap stuff will mess your cocktail up. Recipe: Watermelon Smash Ingredients 3 cubes watermelon 6 thin slices cucumber 4 sprigs mint .75 oz. simple syrup 1 oz. lime juice 1.5 oz. vodka Preparation: Muddle watermelon, mint, cucumber in shaker tin Add simple...

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