Not all strawberry martini recipes are created equal. There are many different versions of strawberry martinis to choose from and sample, with some being more complex to mix and some being quite simple. To get the most-satisfying flavor out of any of them, however, it is important to not choose one so complex that frustration in preparation causes a negative predisposition prior to consumption. That is why this easy strawberry martini recipe is a winner! It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Recipe: Strawberry Martini

150g (5oz) strawberries, hulled
1tbsp caster sugar
Ice cubes
A splash of dry vermouth
250ml (8fl oz) gin or vodka


Place the strawberries, sugar and 3-4 ice cubes in an electric blender and blend until pure├ęd.
Transfer to a jug or cocktail shaker. Add extra ice, a splash of vermouth and the gin or vodka. Stir gently and then strain into four chilled glasses.