the Watermelon Smash is one tasty cocktail for the warm summer days. The watermelon smash is delicious and pretty easy to make. This cocktail is great to serve at parties, and because of the pretty sweet taste everybody will love it! To make the watermelon smash cocktail even more exciting use vodka of a good brand. the cheap stuff will mess your cocktail up.

Recipe: Watermelon Smash

  • Ingredients
    3 cubes watermelon
    6 thin slices cucumber
    4 sprigs mint
    .75 oz. simple syrup
    1 oz. lime juice
    1.5 oz. vodka


Muddle watermelon, mint, cucumber in shaker tin
Add simple syrup, lime juice & vodka
Add ice & shake well
Prep rocks glass with ice & thinly sliced cucumbers
Strain cocktail into prepped glass
Garnish with watermelon slice & mint